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The Wellness Grind community is founded on real people sharing authentic life stories. Everyone has a past they cannot undo. A future that is still uncertain. And a present that must be lived to the fullest.

Read these life stories full of inspiration, passion, purpose, dedication, and self-love.

DIY hand sanitizing spritzer feature image with hands holding a red heart.
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Hand Sanitizing Spritzer- Budget Friendly DIY

This DIY Hand Sanitizing Spritzer is low cost and easy to make using items already in your bathroom cabinet. Made of essential oils, 70% alcohol and Micellular Water. Read More

Minister Jerria Martin Guest Post
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Be-You-Tiful- How Minister Jerria Martin Takes Time to Love Herself

Minister Jerria Martin shares her lessons of self-love, finding your individuality, and the importance of nature in your self-care routine. Read More