8 Dimensions of Wellness


Mental wellness is how your overall mental and emotional state impacts your daily life. 


Spiritual wellness are the aspects of your life that provide a sense of meaning and purpose.


Physical wellness is all aspects of physical health including nutrition, sleep, exercise, and preventative health activities contribute to a healthy lifestyle.


Social wellness is your ability to engage in healthy and positive relationships that contribute to your well-being through supportive social and familial networks.

Occupational & Intellectual

Occupational wellness is your ability to engage in meaningful work and achieve work-life balance. Intellectual wellness focuses on continual learning and intellectual stimulation and helps brain health and human development.

Community & Environmental

Environmental wellness is the impact of both the built environment and nature on individual and community wellness.  Community wellness takes into account the overall health and wellness of everyone in the community. 


Financial wellness is the ability to live a satisfying life within your financial means. This is unique to each individual’s desires, abilities, and other social factors.


Pets contribute to your wellness and they need your time, love, and attention. Pet wellness is just as important as your well-being.

Woman sitting with eyes closed on a dock with folded legs and hands in prayer position at heart center. Green trees and lake in the background.
Transform Yourself

Discover Your Wellness Recipe

Anyone can find their own unique wellness recipe. Your wellness recipe should include both daily activities towards your wellness and activities designed to make you feel better when you are struggling. Your favorite wellness activities can help in times of emotional turbulence, stress, or even boredom.

The Wellness Grind is your resource for identifying new activities to add to your wellness recipe. You can try a new local spot for a unique experience or a pet-friendly activity. The Wellness Grind is your key to unlocking a world of new wellness adventures.