Community & Environmental Wellness

Community and environmental wellness are important to help ensure equity and access to community resources for all people and create a sustainable environment.

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Community Wellness

Community is where you live, work, play and connect with others. Building community is a huge part of your social wellness. Contributing to others, making an impact and fighting for equity in the systems that you interact with are ways that you can support community wellness.

Community wellness is defined by your connectedness to other people around you. You can build community online, through social media, with peers, in the workplace…pretty much anywhere you go. When you build community with others your sense of belongingness and purpose will improve your overall well-being.

Community wellness harnesses the natural resilience and gifts of community members for the benefit of the entire community.

When we harness the wellness of the entire community, lift up community members, and address barriers and past traumas help everyone reach their greatest potential.

Environmental Wellness

Environmental wellness is how your actions impact the environment around you, and how the environment affects your well-being.

The things you put into your environment can influence your health and well-being. You share your environment every day with your children, partner, family, and pets. 

Community and environmental wellness are closely related. Some conditions have been caused by historical and systemic racism against communities of color, creating health disparities and unsafe living conditions that can perpetuate across generations. 

Committing to a more sustainable lifestyle is an important contribution to environmental wellness. Minimizing clutter can benefit your mental well-being and ensure that you are using the fewest resources possible.