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The Wellness Grind is an online community that helps people identify their wellness needs and define their unique wellness recipe.

When you are on your grind, you’re hustling, moving super fast, and lack the ability to pay attention to details.  When you grind too hard you may struggle to get back to a place of peace, harmony, and love.

Then there’s the Wellness Grind, which many of us are also on.  Weekly gym routines, healthy eating habits, travel and exposure to new people, places and ideas.  That’s what this website is all about, creating a community of people who are on their own wellness journeys.  Grinding their way to healthier bodies, increased flexibility, endurance, VO2max, lower bad numbers and higher good numbers, etc, etc.  Whatever your goal is around wellness, this space is for sharing and growing best practices through personal stories.

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About Wendie Veloz (aka Wendie V.)

I’m Wendie V, founder and primary author of WellnessGrind.com.

Wendie is derived from Wanda, which is rooted in “to wander”.  It’s the perfect name for me.  I love traveling, and finding familiarity in a place that was just new hours before.  I have adventured across the globe meeting people and collecting stories. Travel Wellness is a huge passion and I’m always looking for new destinations.

I grew up in Los Angeles, I love Mexican food, and I am of Mexican descent. Yet I live with the complexities of being a 3rd generation Angelino, and don’t speak Spanish fluently.  I’ve learned from these roots, grounded myself in the “Cali vibe” of being “chill”, while letting my intuition guide me. 

I’ve spent the majority of my career focusing on children’s issues working for organizations  that support the children’s education, health, and well-being.  I have worked with foster youth, provided play therapy for children exposed to domestic violence, researched and reported on child and forced labor trends, championed youth violence prevention, and promoted mental health for children. 

I’ve lived and worked in Africa twice, each time teaching me how to live more humbly, support my wellness through locally farmed fresh food, and the importance of limited my use of electronics and electricity. These life experiences have demonstrated to me that every human has the right to live a life of wellness. 

I dedicated my life to holistic wellness after debilitating health issues caused by stress that landed me in the hospital twice in my early 30’s. No doctor or test could explain what happened. I vowed to do something differently and was determined to figure out how to avoid more serious health and mental health consequences.

I started chipping away at my life piece by piece. Building up the things I needed and breaking down the things that did not contribute to my well-being. I decided to do more of what I love, less of things that cause stress, and invested heavily in new ways to grow and learn about my personal power.

Since then, I’ve become a certified Spin instructor, a Reiki Master-Teacher, and sound healer. I found an amazing team that helps guide my well-being and have identified my unique Wellness Recipe.

I’m here to help you on your wellness journey using the lessons I learned so you can shortcut to your own Wellness Recipe.

Wendie black coat in DC
Wellness Grind’s Founder- Wendie V.
Wendie V. standing proudly in front of a blue sky with white clouds

The Wellness Grind Icon


The Akan Twi and Fenti languages of Ghana translate Sankofa into “retrieve” or “go back and get”

San- Return
Ko- Go
Fa- Look, seek and take

In life, we often lose things, forget things, or have things taken from us. Those things can be found, reclaimed, with renewed interest, or merely re-observed. These things from our past can serve as a foundation for moving forward.

Fleur de Lis

Fleur de Lis means lily or lily flower. Lily is a family name of Wellness Grind’s Founder, Wendie V. In this sense it represents a line of strong beautiful women who have endured and overcome many hardships.

The Fleur de Lis is a symbol of both royalty and war. It is the symbol of monarchs, states, and of course sports teams (#whodatnation!)

The Fleur de Lis symbolized the French king’s direct link to God and has been used to represent Mary, Christ, or the Holy Trinity.

We cannot ignore that the Fleur de Lis has an assorted past and was also used as a symbol of slavery to brand “troublemakers”.

The Icon

The wellness Grind Icon with a Sankofa heart and fleur de lis embedded at the bottom.

The icon symbolizes a new birth built upon the foundation of lessons learned.

Being on your wellness grind means that your past doesn’t limit you and the actions you take moving forward. You cannot have a future until you understand and appreciate the lessons your past has taught you.

Reaching your highest self takes both your past and a regal future. Wellness Grind is all about digging deeper into your past so you can heal, grind through today, and filling yourself with the highest form of light and love for a beautiful tomorrow.