Wellness Motivation & Support

Let Me Help You With Your Wellness Grind!

The Wellness Grind community is designed on a principal of mutual support. When you are doing well, you are contributing to the wellness of everyone around you. Wellness coaching is for everyone- from the hardcore athlete to the non-profit organization. Having someone support your individual or organizational wellness will help you achieve your goals.

I provide wellness support sessions based upon your needs and budget. I will design a package for you and you will decide what services fit your wellness needs.

Wellness for Individuals

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Your wellness recipe is something that you need to create to keep on track with your personal development goals. Your recipe might include activities for maintenance, growth, passion projects, or healthy habits. If you are just getting started with the dimensions of wellness you might be overwhelmed with how many there are!

Don’t be afraid of a comprehensive wellness lifestyle! The dimensions of wellness work together to support one another and support you as you walk through your wellness journey. Every person’s life circumstance are different. I will not tell you how you should live your life.

I will introduce you to a process to determine what the next steps are in your wellness journey. That might include assessing your actions, setting goals and measurable targets, and wellness support sessions. I will provide you with a tailored package of wellness supports and you will decide what fits your budget. Wellness should be accessible to everyone. I’m happy to work with you to build a package that works for you.

Individual Services

  • 3 half-hour coaching calls, (one per month) focused on multiple dimensions of wellness.
  • 1 hour wellness goal setting call and resources.
  • Resources and recommendations to support your financial wellness journey.
  • Assessment of your physical wellness routine and recommendations to establish new physical wellness habits.
  • Resume review and occupational wellness 1/2 hour consultation call.

Wellness for Organizations

Typically organizations do not infuse wellness principles in their work. I have worked with many non-profit organizations, civic organizations, small and large businesses, and community coalitions to address wellness in their strategic plans.

I can help you sort through your data, develop a strategic plan, and write a logic model that infuses wellness principles in your work. If you are writing a grant application, revising your business plan, developing a strategic framework, or planning a large meeting and you want wellness to be a focus, let me help you!

If you represent a small business or you are an entrepreneur who needs wellness in your life and organization, reach out. I’d love to work with you to support your wellness and the wellness of your employees. I offer a variety of services for organizations at an affordable price. I can provide many not listed below, send me your wish list and I’ll be happy to suggest additional services.

  • 1 hour wellness strategic planning call for non-profit organizations, civic organizations, and small businesses.
  • 3 half-hour consultation calls for small business owners + recommendations to grow your wellness business.
  • 1 hour grant application planning consultation for non-profit and civic organizations.
  • Keynote on mental health and well-being for your next meeting.

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Wendie V at a table in Washington DC
Wendie V enjoys helping people reach their wellness goals!