Discover Your Wellness Recipe


Live Event Starting August 21, 2021

Unlock your highest self by tuning into your unique wellness recipe.
I will guide you as you revolutionize your well-being.

Self-care is Not a Fad!

Have you…

Watched a wellness video on social media and thought “self-care is not a fad!”
Had a trainer chase you around the gym trying to sell you way too expensive personal training packages?
Ever thought to yourself, “why is everyone doing yoga handstands on Instagram while I’m at home trying to figure out how I feel right now?”
Yep. You’re not alone. Wellness has a lot of dimensions, and so do you!

If you answered yes, then you’re ready to kick ass in the

Discover Your Wellness Recipe Masterclass!


10X Your

Wellness Grind!

Your wellness recipe is as unique as you are.

Only you have the keys to live a life of wellness.
Enroll now to unlock your wellness recipe today!

Wellness Grind's Founder Wendie V standing in front of a yellow wall laughing and leaning in

Wellness Made for You by You

Holistic wellness doesn’t have to be complicated.
Starting and maintaining your wellness journey doesn’t take 2 hour gym sessions.
You don’t need to suffer from wellness imposter syndrome every time you try something new. 
You CAN live a life of wellness, every damn day.

But it has to be on your terms.

It has to make you grow in uncomfortable places WHILE you do the things you enjoy. It has to honor your lineage, history, accomplishments, AND incorporate achievable goals that fit your lifestyle

in this masterclass you will learn to…

  • STEP INTO your own definition of holistic wellness by garnering the wisdom of the 8 dimensions of wellness
  • Make time for your well-being
  • STOP beating yourself up about past wellness mishaps
  • Understand and overcome the most common barriers to well-being
  • Face your biggest hurdles in your wellness journey- one dimension at a time
  • Develop a goals and self-accountability
  • Ensure you can re-do your wellness recipe every time you need to as your life evolves and when you face challenges

This Course is Designed Especially FOR YOU!

This course is not made cookie cutter for everyone.
It’s tailor made for your needs!

Make Wellness Work for You

You will gain insights, tools, and access to a community that will keep you accountable throughout you wellness transformation.
If you’re ready to do the work and change your life, this course will walk you through every step.

Course Overview

Revolutionize Your Wellness in just 4 Weeks!

  • Module 1: Assess Your Wellness Lifestyle
  • Module 2: Vision + Success
  • Module 3: Master the 8 Dimensions of Wellness
  • Module 4: Explore the Roots of Goal Setting
  • Module 5: Reach Your Highest Self via Holistic Wellness
  • Module 6: Set-up Your Wellness Motivation Moves

What You’ll Learn week by week:

let’s run through the 8 dimensions of wellness

In just 6 lessons you’ll learn how to use these
8 dimensions to reach your highest self!

Physical Wellness
Mental Wellness
Social Wellness
Spiritual Wellness
Community & Environmental Wellness
Financial Wellness
Occupational & Intellectual Wellness
Pet Wellness

Get ON Your

Wellness Grind


Wendie V standing in jeans, black shirt, and maroon blazer on stairs holding the railing and smiling

Meet Your Wellness Motivation Queen


Sup girl…

I’m Wendie, your wellness boss-coach.

I’m here to help you get your wellness game back on track.

I’ve tried the fad diets. The unsustainable amounts of cardio and hardcore workouts. Running a marathon just to see if my pants will fit…

After several years of being on a committed weight-loss journey, I found my answers were lacking a holistic view of my well-being. I was focused on physical and mental wellness without actively working on all the facets of my life.

I grew tired of wellness solutions based on someone else’s answers, not my own.

Suddenly, I figured out the problem isn’t ME! It’s how I’ve been sold wellness!

I firmly believe, the issue isn’t you, or your genetics, or your choices. The issue is the approach. Anyone, at any size, can find wellness by harnessing their unique wellness recipe. All it takes is one step at a time, continuing on a life-long journey.

I’m here to help you move beyond the wellness you’ve been sold by people who don’t look like you. Programs that don’t take into account your lifestyle, your interests, and your busy schedule.

I use my 15 years of experience in mental and public health, coaching, and mentoring to support you in developing a sustainable wellness lifestyle. I leverage my own fails, triumphs, and experiences to connect you to the ideas and resources you need to be successful at identifying your own wellness solutions.


August 21st- 11 AM ET to 3 PM ET
Week 1:
Learn from your past and plan your journey to reach your highest self.
               Module 1: Assess Your Wellness Lifestyle

August 28th- 11 AM ET to 3 PM ET
Week 2:
Develop a vision for the future and learn the 8 dimensions of wellness.
              Module 2: Vision + Success
              Module 3: Master the 8 Dimensions of Wellness

September 11th- 11 AM ET to 3 PM ET
Week 3: Create measurable goals and get your vibes right for the journey ahead.
              Module 4: Explore the Roots of Goal Setting
              Module 5: Reach Your Highest Self via Holistic Wellness

September 18th- 11 AM ET to 3 PM ET
Week 4: Develop a step-by-step action plan to reach your highest potential.
              Module 6: Set-up Your Wellness Motivation Moves

Replay will be available for 2 weeks in case you miss a session. You will gain access to a private facebook for accountability and support during the first week. 

Let’s get it!

The Wellness Grind Community Welcomes You!

Frequently Asked Questions

You may be saying…

Dedicating time is one of the biggest barriers to maintaining routines. Many people start something strong, but lose interest or get too busy to maintain motivation.

Discover Your Wellness Recipe Masterclass is designed to be flexible with your schedule and keep you engaged until the end.

You can complete each module and implement the changes to your wellness recipe each week.

The course includes videos, tutorials, and suggested additional reading materials to meet your needs and match with your learning style.

You only have one life. One chance to meet the ultimate version of yourself.

Having a growth-mindset is the key to your holistic wellness transformation.

In this masterclass you will:

  • Overcome challenges and setbacks
  • Grow from past experiences
  • Dedicate time to your wellness
  • Be inspired through the success of your wellness warrior tribe

By working through your “fixed-mindset triggers” you can continue to work through barriers you have faced in your past. Discover Your Wellness Recipe Masterclass will teach you the benefits of having a growth-mindset and how to maintain your growth along your wellness journey.

women laughing as rainbow confetti rains down on them

Great! Glad you’re leaning in! Let’s keep going by teaching you the power of prevention.

Prevention is a misunderstood, yet amazing tool. Working on your well-being can help you prevent bad health and mental health outcomes.

Having a unique and tailored wellness recipe will:

  • Help you manage stress
  • Show you how to reach your highest self
  • Reduce the chance of illness
  • Improve interpersonal relationships and engagement with the community around you

The Discover Your Wellness Recipe Masterclass is built on the principles of prevention. You will learn how to apply prevention techniques to your daily life and the benefits of having routine wellness strategies.

Balancing the wellness activities you know and love with those that you need to support will lead to a wellness plan as unique as you are. This plan is your wellness recipe.

Find Your Zen

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