This cold season try this immune system building tea blend. Take your normal herbal tea up a notch in flavor and immunity boosting properties.

This tea is can be enjoyed cold or hot and sweetened with your favorite local honey.

Healing Properties of Tea

Tea is made by blending herbs, spices, and natural flavors to create a delicious beverage. The ingredients in your tea will determine the health and wellness benefits you receive from drinking tea. For a complete list of which ingredients in common tea blends help with specific aliments, offers a thorough overview of the healing properties of tea varieties.

Hot or Cold?

While many teas are just as tasty served over chilled over ice, if you are looking for cold relief, it is best to drink hot tea. Hot tea is an age-old remedy for the common cold. Hot tea can help thin mucus and provide relief for a sore throat. Drinking hot tea can also help you stay hydrated when you are sick.

Be careful not to over heat your tea. The correct brewing temperature depends on the type of tea you are brewing. If you’re looking for a complete guide on tea brewing temperatures, The Spruce Eats offers a full article on the correct temperature for each type of tea.

For this recipe, you should use an herbal tea as your base so the brewing temperature is a full boil at 212 degrees F.

Benefits of Local Honey

Fresh local raw honey is a staple at many Farmers Markets. At the market you will find a variety of honey options and can often sample the honey before purchasing. Many local varieties of honey offer health benefits specific to your region as the bees pollinate with local flowers. This can help build your immunity to the natural allergens in your neck of the woods.

Raw honey and cinnamon offer their own health benefits including relief for upset stomachs. Cinnamon and honey are packed with antioxidants and have a lot of noted health benefits. Alone they may not fight the common cold, but they will help you re-build your immune system as part of a regimen of healthy eating, hydration, and medication prescribed by your physician (if necessary).

Turmeric and Ginger

Turmeric and its main effective ingredient- Curcumin have natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. This can help you when rebuild your immune system with cur cumin’s anti-viral properties.

Pairing turmeric with ginger gives you the added benefits of ginger’s anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. These two spices together may also relieve pain.

Quality Counts!

As with anything, studies showing benefits from ingredients like cinnamon, turmeric, honey, and ginger use highly concentrated doses. So your average ingredients from the store may have little benefit if they are low-quality. Always look for high-quality spices and ingredients.

Two brands I use regularly for spices are Penzey’s and Shafa Blends (which I buy at my local Farmers Market). Both are available online.

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Boil Water

  • Measure enough water for 2 large mugs.
  • Bring water to a full boil on high heat until it reaches 212 degrees F.
  • To boil water faster, use a tea kettle.
  • Transfer water to a small saucepan.

Add Spices

  • Add ground cinnamon, ginger, and turmeric to the small saucepan.
  • You can use 1/4 inch peeled fresh ginger root.  Keep the root whole, do not chop or grate ginger.
  • If you have 6″ sticks of cinnamon, use 2 cinnamon sticks instead of ground cinnamon.
  • It is uncommon to find fresh turmeric root so using ground turmeric is best.

Add 1 Herbal Tea Bag

  • Add 1 herbal tea bag to the small saucepan.
  • Yogi Tea Breathe Deep or Throat Comfort are recommended.
  • You can also use Celestial Seasonings Sleepy Time Tea, which can commonly be found at any grocery store.
Immunity tea recipe
Immunity tea with cinnamon, ginger, and turmeric

Boil Ingredients 10 Minutes

Since you are using herbal tea as the base tea for this recipe, you can bring the tea and spices to a full boil for 10 minutes uncovered.


Add Local Honey

  • Add 1 tsp. fresh local honey or creamed honey to a mug.
  • Pour hot tea over honey into the mug.
  • Enjoy when tea has cooled to a drinkable temperature.
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