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Ashley Marie
Author of:  The Irish Twins Momma

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A lot of bloggers use Amazon affiliate links to bring in extra income from their blog.  I of course, haven’t taken that step yet, but I love supporting others who have affiliate links to different products.  

I met Ashley, author of The Irish Twins Momma,  in a blogger forum on Facebook and wanted to give her Amazon affiliate link some love since she said it needed some hits.  After reading her blog and saw the millennial parenting content she was building, I reached out on Facebook messenger and asked her to be part of the Wellness Grind inaugural guest blog series as the “mommy blogger”. 

There are many mommy bloggers out there, with lots of helpful tips, useful reads, and cute pins for Pinterest.  It’s a huge niche. The advice is often helpful to those of us without kids as well. What better way to support a mommy-blogger’s wellness than to ask her to talk about her Wellness Grind?  I reached out to Ashley and asked her how she keeps motivated to do her best for her sons, Jack Joseph and Luke John.

Besides being the The Irish Twins Momma, Ashley Marie, is also the Healthy Milennial Momma. She’s here to tell all you millennial moms how she keeps her family healthy and ready to learn!

Ashley’s Healthy Millennial Momma Wellness Recipe

The health and wellness of my family is a huge priority for me.

Ashley Marie
The Millennal Healthy Momma- spending time with the family is important.
The Millennal Healthy Momma- spending time with the family is important.

This is a little summary of some of the activities we do to stay healthy and active as a family.

1. Family active time

My family participates in several races (5K, 10K, and Half) that support several foundations to find cures to many illnesses, wounded warriors, and so much more.

2. Grow your own food

Every spring we start our garden with seeds of fresh fruits and vegetables to harvest throughout. This not only cuts down on food costs, but it helps to provide the necessary nutrients to my family without the use of chemicals.

The Millennial Healthy Momma - eating fruits and vegetables is important to keep your family healthy.
The Millennial Healthy Momma – eating fruits and vegetables is important to keep your family healthy.

3. Keep a healthy routine

A typical day for me starts with a Vega proteins & green shake with a multivitamin and fish oil. The boys and I go for a run almost every morning. The distance varies depending on our schedule for the day and the weather. However, we try to make it between 3 and 6 miles with sometimes a stop at a local park in between. We always do arts and crafts as they are 2 and 3-years-old.

During this time if they are painting or coloring, I can get in some stretches without being used as a jungle gym. We do workbooks to help prepare for the future. Then it is lunch, naptime, and outdoor time. During outdoor time we often ride bikes, go on a walk, play at the playground, and more. After dinner it is often bath and bed for the boys. I however must do my daily sit ups, planks, lunges, and squats before bed.

4. Honor the need for space for yourself

Saturday mornings are mommy time, my husband takes the boys and I often get to go on a long morning run. My run is often followed by a cheese and spinach omelet with uncured bacon.

The Millennial Healthy Momma- Keep running and pace yourself.

The Millennial Healthy Momma- Keep running and pace yourself.

My theory is that if you eat healthy and move as much as possible you will limit your doctor’s visits, increase your mental and physical well-being, and your kids will learn to be active as well.

The Millennial Healthy Mama- Ashley Marie

5. Let the world teach your children

Honestly the animals, clouds, plants, and more that we see when we run, or walk is more educational sometimes then what a TV can provide. Teaching your kids to grow their own foods will make them more appreciative of the farmers that work in the fields daily for us to put food on our table. There is so much to be grateful for and the first thing for me is my family’s health.

Recipe for wellness from the Millennial Healthy Mama:

The Millennial Healthy Momma shares the benefits of an active lifestyle.
The Millennial Healthy Momma shares the benefits of an active lifestyle.
  • Eat Right – The offers some fun tools to get all ages involved with making healthy choices.
  • Move – Activity has so many benefits to list, but the result of inactivity results in obesity, health complications, and more.
  • Breathe- Controlling your stress by staying active and managing your day-to-day lifestyle can be tough. I use the Trello app that syncs to all my devices to stay on top of everything including my activities, goals, and accomplishments.


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Thank you Ashley Marie for your contribution to the Wellness Grind community and for all the awesome parenting content you sharing on your own Blog.

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Millennial Healthy Momma Ashley author of the Irish Twins Momma blog
The Millennial Healthy Momma- author of the Irish Twins Mama blog.

Hey, my name is Ashley and I am the Momma of 2 amazing “Irish twins” boys. That is meaning that are under a year apart. Jack Joseph & Luke John are 11 months apart. I am here to provide you with Parenting, Food, and Fun to make your LIFE easier with the possibility of saving you some money. If you want to learn more I recommend stopping by my About Me page.

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  1. You make some great points! I have been starting to work on #4 by including a morning meditation and my ‘morning coffee time’ where I am just allowed to relax in my back yard on my own – no one else there in person, no social media or phone nearby to connect me – just me.

    1. 💯 absolutely!! My back yard is my personal wellness space. I do yoga, drink water, play with the dogs or just chill. Usually the phone is just a music player when I’m outside enjoying the sunshine!

      Thanks for being part of the community Britt!! ❤️❤️

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