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Protect Your Energy, Protect Your Peace!

We live in a world entirely made up of energy.  No matter what you are – right-brained or left-brained, spiritual or scientific – the fact remains that everything around us is energy.  Energy is transferable. Exchanges of energy are happening all the time. It doesn’t stay in some neat, tidy little box.  It’s constantly moving and interacting with the other energies around it.  Energy can have a positive or negative charge and it will affect its surrounding environment in kind.

We, as humans, are no exception to the exchange of energy.  A registered nurse for ten years, I have experienced the impact of positive and, unfortunately often negative, energy exchanges.  Have you ever been in a space where the energy felt heavy?  Did you feel your mood and your energy level drop?  What about a space where the vibes were positive and uplifting?  Did you find your mood and energy level being lifted up with it?

As energetic and vibrational creatures we have a tendency to not only sense energy, but to actually hold that energy within our physical bodies.  Most often the energies we are working with are our own.  However, it is not uncommon for us to take on the energy of others – energy that isn’t ours but perhaps has been spewed all over us via some type of emotional release (healthy or not!).  For this reason, it’s important to begin having awareness around what energy is yours and what is not.  It’s also important to don the appropriate energetic protection in an effort to protect your own energetic field and shield yourself from taking on energies that are not yours to carry.  The following are some tips and strategies for keeping your vibe high and preserved.

I made this my very first point because it is a non-negotiable for me and absolutely essential.  It may be cliche, but the old adage is true, “You can’t pour from an empty cup.”  We need to be filling our own cups so much that we simply overflow onto the people around us.  Self-care does not have to be expensive.  While massages and weekend getaways are a great way to care for yourself, they are certainly not the only way.  When was the last time you drew yourself a bubble bath?  Do you like to read?  Do you enjoy singing or listening to music?  Carve out at least 30 minutes every day to spend time doing an activity you enjoy and that feeds your soul.

As energetic beings, this goes without saying.  When one of your electronics is displaying a low battery, what do you do?  You connect it to the power source to get recharged.  The same must be done for an energetic being.  We must establish a connection with Source in order to have our batteries recharged.  When you make it a priority to spend time in prayer and meditation with Source, your Higher Self, and your core healing team, you deepen your connection.  As your connection depends, you find yourself making more decisions that are in alignment with your highest good which results in protected and preserved energy.

Most of us don’t sleep enough.  We get up super early to go to work or tend to the children or whatever is calling us that day.  Then, we stay up until all hours of the night “relaxing” and, when all is said and done, most of us are probably looking at about 5-6 hours of sleep a night.  The truth is that each of us requires a different amount of sleep.  So, are you meeting your body’s requirements for rest?  Rest is a very restorative process.  The body (both energetic and physical) is doing a lot of work behind the scenes while you’re asleep.  If you’re not prioritizing rest, you’re prioritizing burnout because that’s exactly what will happen.  Burnout equals stress on the body and high amounts of stress lead to an increased likelihood of dis-ease.

Take a minute to audit who and what you allow into your space and how they make you feel.  This not only includes people, although they are an important factor, this also includes everything you are consuming from TV shows and social media to podcasts and YouTube channels.  If you find yourself getting triggered, you need to make the conscious decision to set limits for yourself and/or remove them from habitual consumption.  For example, over the past several years, watching the news became incredibly triggering for me.  It would cause fear, anxiety, anger, and frustration to well up in me daily.  The consumption of the news was not for my highest good and only caused added stress to my system.  Because of this, I no longer watch the news.  Perhaps you’re concerned about cutting out something like the news because you will be uninformed.  I assure you, if there’s something important you need to be aware of, the Universe will find a way to deliver the information to you.  It’s pretty good about that!

Loving boundaries may also need to be established with the people in your life.  Think about the 5 people you spend the most time with.  What is their demeanor?  Are they positive and uplifting or negative and constantly complaining?  You are the people you surround yourself with.  If you’re looking to shift your mindset, and thus, your energy, you need to consider who you’re spending your time with.  As you shift, others are going to project their limiting beliefs on you.  You by no means have to cut people you care about out of your life, but you do need to make clear the energies you are and are not willing to entertain.  If they truly care for and about you, they will respect your boundaries and YOU will protect your energy!

Energy Protection Strategies

In addition to the four points above, here are some strategies you can use when you are aware that your energy level and frequency may be in trouble.

Ask for your clairsentient channels to be turned in

Your clairsentient channels are one of the four main channels of energetic communication.  They assist in your ability to feel energy.  These channels have a tendency to “pop out” and scan the environment for anything that might threaten your safety.  When your channels are turned out, they will pick up energy from the field.  That energy is not yours to carry.  By simply asking for your channels to be turned in, you will be able to tell if that energy is yours or not.  I have found that when I ask for my clairsentient channels to be turned in, 90% of the time the fear, anxiety, and overwhelm I was experiencing was not mine, but rather from the field.  Once my channels are turned in, the feelings ease off.

Visualize yourself stepping into a protective bubble

When I’m entering a situation or environment that I know is going to be wrought with low frequencies, I visualize myself stepping into a bubble of electric blue Christ consciousness.  Frankly, the color/frequency doesn’t matter.  For you, perhaps the bubble would be rose pink quartz love frequency or maybe a white light.  The importance of this exercise is the visualization and the belief that once you’ve set the intention of stepping into this bubble and sealing it around you, that you are safe and protected.

Pray for protection

It sounds oversimplified to say, “Just pray to Source for protection,” but, it really is that simple.  All you have to do is ask!  We tend to overcomplicate a lot of things.  You are never alone and you can always ask for what you desire.  In this case, you can ask for your energy field to be protected.

Carry Crystals

Crystals are powerful healing instruments.  Amethyst, selenite, and clear quartz are just a few examples of crystals that are wonderful for energy protection.  Amethyst provides a protective barrier, while selenite and clear quartz have the ability to absorb negative energies around them and cleanse the energetic field.

Get grounded

When things start to feel chaotic or unstable, always come back to your breath.  You may not be able to step away to pray or meditate, but you can always take several deep breaths.  Breathing deeply in through your nose and out through your mouth 6 times in a row can take you from instability to grounding in mere minutes.  Feel your feet firmly planted on the earth and know that you are supported, safe, and protected.

We live in a world where fear runs rampant and threatens our peace daily.  You have the power to change that.  Take control of the status of your energy, mindset, and emotions.  By making small shifts over time, you will experience a massive transformation that will take you from disempowered to empowered in no time!  You’ve got this!

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Jenna Colelli, MSN, BSEd, RN, CCRN-K

Jenna is a Spiritual Catalyst, Coach, and Author.  A registered nurse of ten years, Jenna has experienced firsthand the burnout that comes with taking care of others, putting others first, and taking on other people’s energy.  This led to her own personal radical transformation where, with incredible guidance, she took herself from disempowered to empowered.   Now, she shares her journey with others and guides them to experiencing their own transformations.

Jenna lives with her husband, Anthony, and their cat, Luna, in South Florida.  Jenna enjoys reading, singing, traveling, and relaxing at the pool or beach.

Website: www.earthsongessentials.ne
Instagram: www.instagram.com/earthsongessentials

Coming Soon to Amazon: “Coming Back Home: Remembering Your Truth” A guided journal for those beginning an in-depth spiritual journey.

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