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Mask Life

If you’re anything like me, you’re already losing masks like you lose socks and gloves. They seem to be made of the same phantom material that causes them to disappear in the laundry or stay hidden in purses and pockets.  If this is your problem, read on for 3 practical tips to organize your masks- no matter where you find them!

Investing in good masks is important to stay healthy and stop the spread of viruses and germs that cause illnesses. Taking care of your masks is just as important as wearing them. Keeping your mask clean and in good shape will help them last longer. 

Unfortunately, masks with strings and loops are difficult to organize and often end up in a pile. Looking for a mask at the last minute before leaving the house only to find they’ve all disappeared is a new frustration to deal with. Organizing your masks will reduce your stress about having a mask when you need one.

Tips for Taking Care of Your Mask

A few basics to take care of your masks can be found at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) ‘How to Store and Wash Masks’. This resource covers how to store, wash, and dry your mask. These tips can help you keep your mask clean and stored safely until the next use.

Using and taking care of your mask is important to maintain your physical wellness. You should follow all public health guidelines and remain aware of the current situation. Following the latest advice and science is important to preserving your health. 

Keeping Your Masks Organized

Part of the reason masks tend to get lost is because they are likely stored in a disorganized manner. With different styles and types of masks, it’s difficult to find a one-size fits all solution for everyone and every mask. 

Here are a few options that can help you keep your masks organized in your purse, gym bag, or at home after they are washed. If you use disposable masks, these tips will help you make sure you’re only wearing clean masks and can safely dispose of dirty masks.

You can buy all the products seen in this video using the links below.

3 Tips for Organizing Your Masks Under $5

Now that we all own multiple masks, it’s hard to keep them organized all the time. I always look for low-cost solutions to my pet peeves. So I decided to research and test a few low-cost options to help you keep these unwieldy creatures (and your budget) in check. 

I wanted to keep the budget to under $10 to make the options accessible to more people. Of course, all of these are well under $10 per unit (for the use of mask-organizing). However, you may have to buy these items in bulk and can use the remaining inventory for other household organizing.

Option 1- Cable Tie

I like this low-cost option because the remaining cable ties you don’t use to organize masks can help you organize other things. If you have cable ties around the house already, this option is virtually “free” by repurposing your existing stock of cable ties.

I prefer the cable tie with a hook and loop (Velcro) fastener. They come in all different colors so you can choose one color for clean masks, and one color for dirty masks. Keep both colors in your car, purse, desk, or gym bag. When you are done wearing a mask, put it on the cable tie color coded for dirty masks. 

Here are a few Cable Tie options that I recommend. The first link is the product shown in the video above. 

You will need: 
Two Cable Ties in Two Colors per 5-7 masks (1 week of masks)

Cost for one set of dirty and clean mask holders: $.69 to $2

Organize your masks for $5 pinterest pin with orange backround and white, black and blue mask.

Option 2- Carabiner 

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, chances are you already have an extra carabiner around the house for camping, or some other use. Carabiners have so many uses. If you need to buy a pack of them to organize your masks, you will definitely find a uses for the leftover carabiners. 

If you have masks that are fragile or easily torn, using a carabiner to store your masks will help keep them intact. Some masks are made with fragile materials or straps that can be easily frayed. Carabiners are a great option for organizing paper disposable masks after you have opened the container. 

I would recommend you look for 2 or 3 inch Carabiners that can hold multiple masks. Here are some options in various colors and materials so you can choose the one that fits best with your mask collection. 

You will need:
Two Carabiners in Two Colors per 5-7 masks (1 week of masks)
Cost for one set of dirty and clean mask holders: $2.66

Option 3- Ziplock Makeup Bags

I stumbled upon these new reusable Ziplock Makeup Bags in Costco. They are a great way to store items for travel or in your purse. I bought the pack, despite not having use for all of them. 

After using them to store and organize all kinds of goods, I had quite a few bags left. I realized they would make a great mask storage option for your purse, gym bag, or car. By labeling bags of different designs with “clean” and “dirty” you can make sure to separate the masks you use from those you can still wear.

This is by far the safest option for storing your masks. Keeping clean masks in a bag protects them from being contaminated. By separating the dirty masks after you wear them you can ensure no other items in your bag potentially get contaminated. 

Of course, with these patterns and colors- these makeup bags are made with women in mind.  However, there are several in the pack that are gender neutral and could easily be used by a man without question. However, men, if you are interested in a similar product, check out the links below for other options. 

You will need:
Two different color or print makeup bags, holds approximately 4 masks
Cost for one set of dirty and clean mask holders: $.44 to $2.20

Remember, Keep Your Masks Clean, Store Them Properly, and Keep Your Mask ON!

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