Choose your own adventure. Either way, you’ll get music for your workout that’s gonna make you sweat.

How to Access Wellness Grind Workouts on Apple Music & Spotify

Music is essential to a successful indoor cycle or spin workout. Each of the workouts and playlists shared on the Wellness Grind are freeware. If any songs are unavailable in a workout, substitute a song you like from your library.

ITunes/Apple Music

Open ITunes and if you have an Apple Music subscription follow these steps.
Click ‘For You’
these instructions to start sharing music and search for a friend.
In the search tab type ‘WellnessGrind‘ in the search box.
Click the ‘follow’ button.
Search for the workout name you want to follow.
For example ‘Session 1-Class 1: Transitions’ would be listed as ‘1.1 Transitions’.


Wellness Grind playlists are available on Spotify!

@WellnessGrind for playlists to accompany the Spin workouts shared.