Physical wellness and fitness are complementary parts of your well-being. Physical wellness is broader than fitness and can include health, fitness, and nutrition. Fitness can refer to physical training, athletic conditioning, activities to improve sports performance, build muscle, speed, stamina, or endurance.

Many people consider their fitness routine the same as their wellness grind. Fitness can be a strong foundation for your well-being, but there are so many other dimensions that contribute to your wellness.

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Fundamentals of Physical Wellness

People doing yoga outdoors in a green space, two women in front with blue pants and hands in prayer position in a balance pose on one leg


Health can sometimes be reduced to a medical perspective where a lack of disease or injury can define you as a healthy person. However, that doesn’t mean you are achieving a healthy lifestyle, it just means we don’t have to send you to the doctor or hospital today.

Health is more than a lack of a disease or injury. Physical health in this space includes those practices you engage in daily to ensure you will live a long life with minimal trips to the doctor.

Prevention is key! Preventing injury or illness is just as important recovering from injury or illness.


Physical fitness is an important aspect of living a healthy lifestyle. How you choose to engage in physical fitness is dependent on your body the types of activities you engage in. Everything from gardening to paragliding can be part of a physical fitness routine.

No two people will have the exact physiological response to activity. That means it takes work to figure out what works for you.

Hella in wild thing pose outside in a vield


Fitness is both a physical and mental state. You determine your level of fitness by putting in time, effort, and asking for support when necessary. Sometimes we look at others and think “they’re fit, I’m not”. In reality, you are capable of being at any level of fitness you set your mind to.

Fitness can be measured in a lot of different ways and has a many forms, depending on the goal. If your goal is to run a super fast mile, but not a marathon…your level of fitness will be much different from someone who runs 26.2 miles every Saturday. Even if you don’t do extremely intensive workouts, you can still be fit. Fitness comes in all sizes and shapes!

Mabelyn of KD Wellness doing yoga outside on green grass in bright colored workout clothing holding triangle pose with arm stretched straight bent over right leg.