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Quick Tips for Wellness Travel

Travel can be hard on your body if you don’t take the right precautions while preparing for traveling. Always make sure you plan in advance of your trip how you will keep up your wellness routine while you are on the road.

It’s easy to slip up on your first meal of the day when you are faced with nothing but sugary carbs for breakfast. Plan ahead, and pack oatmeal packets, your favorite tea, and dehydrated low sugar fruit or peanut butter packets. You can often throw together a healthy breakfast by adding protein from your hotel breakfast to what you packed.

Go for a walk, get to know the area. As your hotel or Air BnB if it is safe for you to walk during your free time or over your lunch. If so and the weather is good, get in a 20-30 minute stroll.

If your hotel does not have a gym, visit a local gym and ask for a guest pass. Many gyms will offer a free guest pass or a low-cost day pass. Or look for your favorite type of workout and visit a local Zumba, Indoor Cycle, or Yoga studio.

Pack at least 2-3 workout outfits and your running or gym shoes. If you have them ready and with you, the excuses are easier to overcome. Plus every time you go into your luggage you are reminded you need to get a workout in.

Too often we forget to relax while traveling. Plan an evening indoors and do some hotel yoga in your room or listen to a meditation podcast and go to bed early. Rest is an essential part of your wellness.