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She takes a deep breath. She doesn’t recognize anyone in the room, but inside she knows, she can feel that she is supposed to be there. Thoughts begin to arise, as the ego wants to keep her small, but she knows better now. Taking a step forward, she doesn’t look back.

She closes her eyes as she takes a sip of cacao. The smooth, hot medicine pouring down her throat. Suddenly she feels alive as her heart opens to all the possibilities before her. She can hear her ancestors’ praise. Gratitude for it all.

The music bumping to the beat in her blood. Her limbs free to express and release what needs to come out. Through this experience, she is one with all. She reaches pure BLISS as the movements create an ecstasy within her.

Loudly she groans. Letting out a yell, she melts to the floor. Her sacred anger reveals the sadness and pain underneath. She sobs for what seems like an eternity. Letting the breath guide her through it all. She releases to the Earth beneath her. Cradled in the arms of the Divine Feminine; unconditional love in exchange for her sacred offering.

Darkness consumes her. She obediently listens to the voice guiding her into her own depths. Facing her fears after decades. She acknowledges the pain, grieves the trauma, forgives her own abandonment and offers herself unconditional love and compassion. She is HOME.

What does going to a retreat do for your well-being? 

Going on one of my retreats is a radical form of self-care. It’s choosing to Prove the self-love and Devotion to your own healing. A reclamation to your Divine Feminine and a return to your home within. It’s making the choice to stop bathing in dirty water, to make love to the ugly and uncomfortable in order to make changes and get new results. It’s saying ‘HELL YEAH!’ to yourself.

Tell me about this cacao ceremony? 

Cacao is a very sacred plant medicine. It has been used in ancient  Aztec and Mayan cultures as a devotion and ritual to the Gods. Cacao has many benefits, among them all I would have to say my favorite is its heart medicine. Cacao reaches deep into the heart center to your authentic soul essence. It assists you in taking off your masks and finding your strength in vulnerability. It helps with releasing emotions and trauma I find it to pair perfectly with any embodiment practice.

How do you integrate healing and wellness during your retreats?

I work with a holistic approach to wellness and healing. In my retreats, I use a custom blend of all that I have trained in which includes; Yoga, Reiki, Cacao Ceremonies, Herbalism, Coaching, Meditations/Hypnosis. I use my creativity to help women embark on this journey and combine it with dance/movement and writing.

We are among a group of women and we are able to find refuge in one another and our unique experiences. Everyone leaves with a Sisterhood. Community is one of the most important aspects of our healing.

Mabelyn Mijangros

Mabelyn Mijangos, a Healing Artist, owner of KD Wellness Co. Teaches you how to take accountability for your life through radical self-care and inner healing. Services include Kundalini Reiki, Yoga, Coaching, Retreats & Custom Ceremonies. Check out her blog for some inspiring and vulnerable writing on her current healing journey.

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