Derwood Farmers Market, MD

Farmers market season is in full swing! 

Summer is the perfect time to stay motivated to maintain your healthy eating habits with fresh fruits and vegetables.  Store shelves are filled with all kinds of fresh fruit and vegetables. But not as fresh or as much fun as venturing out into the summer sun to meet the people from Maryland farms and ask them to help you pick the best of their crop at the Montgomery County, MD farmers markets.

I enjoy spending a Saturday or Sunday morning trolling around the farmers market MoCo scene.  Each one is unique and brings so many smiling faces from the community together that I couldn’t resist sharing my favorite eats and farmer’s market experiences from this season’s markets. 

The season is almost over and soon we’ll  start seeing fall gourds and signs of summer passing us by.  So hurry out to one of these havens of community wellness for fresh food, treats, music, and crafts!

2019 MoCo Farmers Market Roundup pinnable image

Why do I shop at the local farmers market near me?

Growing up in Whittier, CA I didn’t have access to fresh produce at a Farmers Market.  We did, however, live within driving distance of local farms selling citrus, strawberries, watermelon, and other fruits.  We’d stop for fresh flats of strawberries and eat them (unwashed) before we drove away. 

When I moved to the New York in 2004, it was difficult to find fresh fruits and vegetables that I could identify where they came from.  My diet suffered and I gained a huge amount of weight. Fast forward to my move to Montgomery County, MD in 2006 without a car- I took the Ride-On Bus to the grocery store and carried back as much as I could.  Uphill both ways for a mile to and from the bus stop. That lasted 4 months until I could afford a car. I’ve been driving to fresh food ever since.

So why am I so dedicated to going out to the farmers market almost every Saturday or Sunday to get fresh food during the summer and fall seasons? Here’s a few reasons:

Happiness is homemade sign.
Greater Good Soap at Clarksurg Farmers Market @ the Outlets

Top 5 reasons to visit a farmers market near you today!

  1. Organic and fresh.  Many of the options are organic and guaranteed fresh. They may not last as long as some of the grocery store products, but they do not have wax, preservatives, or harmful pesticides.  Always check the signage and labeling at the market for organic designations. 
  2. You get to meet the people who grow your food.  You can always ask the vendor when the product was picked, what’s the shelf life, and how best to store or cook it.  Most vendors are honored you’re buying from them and will be happy to tell you how best to enjoy it.
  3. You can always find cadge-free brown eggs.  Fresh cage-free eggs are on heavy rotation as a breakfast food in my world. So a decent price on these is a huge part of my shopping list at the farmer’s market. 
  4. You can buy more than food. The diversity of vendors at farmer’s market makes them great places to pick up gifts and treats.  From honey, jam, juice, wine, coffee, flowers, wine, crafts and other non-produce items to fresh snacks- the farmer’s market has a lot of variety that the grocery store doesn’t carry.
  5. Farmers markets help your financial wellness.  I actually get more for my buck at the farmers market than I do at the grocery store.  I’ll go into more detail on cost and food waste in another post. I find that for the price and for the quality, I save more money and waste less when I buy food at the farmers market than the grocery store. You can use your ATM card, EBT card (for food only), and cash at most markets with most vendors.  With so many options to pay, the markets really have tried to improve access to locally-sourced fresh food for everyone in the community.

2019 Montgomery County, MD Farmers Market Roundup

There are way too many Farmers Markets in Montgomery County, MD to cover them all in one round-up.  If you’re looking for a complete listing of Montgomery County’s Farmers Markets – check the county’s website for a location and contact list and a handy map.  New markets open all the time, keep an eye out for updates regularly and keep your ears open, word of mouth travels fast about new markets.

For this roundup, I wanted to focus on the markets that are within convenient driving distance from my part of Montgomery County- Rockville, Gaithersburg, Clarksburg, Germantown, Onley, and Damascus.  This gave me a starting point for some serious research that kicked off with the start of the 2019 market season. 

This best-of Montgomery County’s farmers markets list celebrates the local 
vendors who venture out to the markets each week to help improve the wellness of
Montgomery County, MD.

Let’s start the roundup with a big shout out to all the vendors, volunteers, market managers, host sites, and others who make these community wellness events happen each week.  Their dedication to the community’s health and wellness helps the rest of us keep on track with our healthy eating and well-being goals. The local farmers markets give the community a space to interact, listen to music, support local small businesses, and sometimes shop with with your pet!

2019 Farmers Market Roundup pinnable image

Take time to check out one of these local top notch farmers markets in the Montgomery County, MD area, this weekend and every weekend until the end of the season, which is listed below next to each market. 

Don’t forget to bring your recyclable bags!

Wendie V and Asha at the market
Wendie V and Asha at the Dogfish Head Alehouse Farmers Market

Wellness Grind’s Best of: Montgomery County Farmers Markets

Best Farmers Market in MoCo, MD- Derwood Farmers Market

Derwood Farmers Market- Old timey feel with a quality selection! 

If you want to catch a glimpse of community wellness, visit the Derwood Farmers Market hosted by Milk Lady Farmers Markets at Derwood Alliance church.  This farmers market takes top spot for efficiency, feel, selection, parking, and consistency.  On any given Saturday you can come through this market and get all your staples from fresh pressed juice and jewelry to crepes and carrots.  When I know I only have a short amount of time and I want to get as many items on my list as possible- I go to the Derwood Farmers Market. 

While I’m there I enjoy the music and community.  The vibe reminds me to slow down and enjoy the ambience!  The market host volunteers greet you and share sample meals and foods from the vendors.  You might even get a free bottle of water.

Of course the only draw-back is that it’s a service-dogs only market.   So Asha stays at home for these trips. However, there is ample parking and great signage so you’ll never miss the market as you drive up Redland Road from Rockville.

Biggest Growth in 2019 Farmers Market Season:  

Clarksburg Farmers Market- Big changes! New Location and Awesome Vendors! 

Clarksburg Farmers Market recently came up in a huge way and I’m so excited about it! I’ve frequented this Sunday farmers market near me since 2016.   I developed friendships with the vendors when there were only 3 in the parking lot of the Clarksburg Community Center.

As of August 11, 2019, the Clarksburg Farmers Market moved to the Clarksburg Premium Outlets.  This change instantly brought growth from 3 to over 20 vendors, more space, more parking, and of course more patrons!  The location change has been excellent for this market and the selection now includes honey, wine, hand-blown glass, plants, salsa, local artists, and all the staples- bread, meat, and cheese!

Huge congratulations to the hosts of Clarksburg Farmers Market- the Clarksburg Premium Outlets and Barley Field Orchard.  I’m very excited the season will be extended until November for this market. And it’s also dog friendly!  Stay tuned for more community wellness events at the Clarksburg Farmers Market through the end of the season.

Newest Fresh Market: 

Dogfish Head Alehouse- Redefining the Market Scene

Newest Fresh Market goes to Dogfish Head Alehouse Farmers Market.  When a local brew-pub holds a market, you better believe BEER is part of it.  The Dogfish Head Ale House Market is the only open market in the county where you can consume as you shop, which makes it the best market to chill at all day long.  They hold beer-centric events with a fresh market twist. A very cool concept indeed. If you are looking for unique vendors with a Latin flavor, this is where you want to spend your Saturday morning.  You can find Latinx favorites like elote, handcrafted jewelry from Ecuador, sliced mango, and churros! Don’t forget to grab a tasty pie or some quality soap while you enjoy a Dogfish Head seasonal brew.

Congratulations Dogfish Head Alehouse for bringing outdoor pet-friendly fun to Gaithersburg during your first market season! 

Best Greens in MoCo County:

Common Root Farm- Freshest Greens Around! 

The good people at Common Root Farm produce some amazing fresh greens.  I’m a very picky girl when it comes to greens and Common Root Farm blows away the grocery store greens in quality and price, hands down. 

Why are their greens so good?  Freshness! They last all week, into the next week.  Plain and simple in my world that’s #1. I hate wilted greens!  You an find Common Root a the Derwood Farmers Market every Saturday and the Olney Farmers Market every Sunday.  Try the box of mixed greens or a head of Romaine lettuce for your next salad.   

Best Peaches:

Tuckeys Fruit and Vegetable Farm

Peaches are a favorite summer fruit and I love checking out all options the local farms have to offer all summer long. I’ve eaten a lot of peaches this summer and hands down, the best ones so far have come from Tuckey’s Fruit and Vegetable Farm in Gardners, PA. Their peaches this season were sweet, juicy, and just the right hardness (not too firm, not too mushy!) and they stayed ripe and tasty in the fridge all week long. As we transition from peach season to apple season, Tuckey’s will not disappoint you. I recently purchased their latest crop of apples and those are also crisp and delicious.

You won’t find Tuckeys on social media but you can pick up their latest fresh produce at Kentlands Farmers Market every Saturday.

Best peaches - Tuckey's Fruit and Vegetable Farm
Best peaches – Tuckey’s Fruit and Vegetable Farm

Best Chicken Wings:

Springfield Farm- Juicy and Delicious Wings!

I love to grill or bake chicken wings for dinner parties, game days, and weeknight dinner.  Springfield Farm is my favorite chicken wing vendor and luckily you can find them at a few markets! The wings are bigger than average, keep their juicy flavor when charred on the grill, and taste great with my favorite dry rub wings recipe. Pick some up for your next gathering!  You can find Springfield Farm at Montgomery Village Farmers Market, and Pike Central Farmers Market in Rockville on Saturdays, and at Clarksburg Farmers Market on Sundays. 

Best Bread:

Farmer’s Daughter Bakery- the Newest Bakery Now Available in MoCo! 

Along with the new vendors at the Clarksburg Farmers Market comes the best bread winner- Farmer’s Daughter Bakery  located in Jefferson, MD.  The bakery was recently purchased by the new owner, Keri, and is just getting into the groove of farmers markets.  Of all the bread I’ve sampled this season, their bread is the winner. It lasted fresh all week, was full of taste, and was the most enjoyable loaf I’ve purchased in a long time.  They sell a variety of breads including potato rolls, sourdough, and doughnuts. I personally love a piece of the pumpernickel loaf toasted with avocado for breakfast, by the week’s end the last bit of bread makes some killer pumpernickel croutons!

For more tips on how to keep your farmers market bread fresh, sign up for the Wellness Vibes Newsletter to receive the free Top 5 tips to keep your farmers market purchases fresh!

Best Indulgences: 

The Crepe Shoppe- Warm, Gooey, and Freshly made with Market Fruit and Vegetables! 

Crepes are one of my favorite splurges and I try to limit my intake.  But these are so good! You can find the owner, Maritza, every weekend at one of the local farmers markets.  The Crepe Shoppe has booths at several markets, which makes them hard to ignore! My favorite is Nutella with strawberry and banana. Yummm. You can find the Crepe Shoppe at the Olney, Derwood, and Montgomery Village farmers markets every weekend.

Churros, Inc. – Churros That Taste Like Back Home in LA!

Being Mexican, churros are a treat I must eat when I find them.  Admittedly, they are harder to come by on the East Coast. So when I see a churros vendor, it’s game on! For a small price in cash, you can enjoy fresh churros made just for you right as you wait.  I’d highly advise eating these on the spot. While you can warm them up later, they taste better fresh. The recipe Churros, Inc. uses is a great one, not too dense, not too greasy, just perfect!  These fried, sugary treats are just that, a treat! So don’t think about calories or your healthy diet while you enjoy these, they are a food to splurge on (in moderation). You can find fresh churros at the Dogfish Head Alehouse Market or the Montgomery Village Farmers Market on Saturdays and at the Olney Farmers Market on Sundays. 

Top Pet-Friendly Farmers Market: 

Pike Central Farm Market- A Pet-Friendly community Market!

This award was the hardest, because Pike Central, Clarksburg, Rockville, Dogfish Head Alehouse, and Kentlands could easily have tied for the top pet-friendly spot.  There are very few dog-friendly farmers markets in Maryland overall, so finding this many within MoCo means we are very fortunate to have several options to choose from. 

I decided to go with Pike Central Farm Market  because they truly do have a dog-friendly vibe and contribute a lot to community wellness.  The market has tables and chairs in shaded tents in case you and your pup get hot and need a break. There is water located in a few dog bowls throughout the market in case your pup gets thirsty.  There is also a vendor that sells dog treats, bones, and has a monthly subscription option for treats. The market partners with Manna to make sure that all the remaining food is put to good use and distributed to those in need around the county. 

List of Montgomery County Farmers Markets near Germantown, Gaithersburg, Clarksburg, Rockville, Olney, and Damascus:

Saturday Farmers Markets Near Me: 

Derwood Farmers Market

Derwood Farmers Market

Address: 16501 Redland Road Rockville, MD 20855
Saturdays @ 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM from April 27 through October 26
Accepts: WIC, SFMNP, FMNP, FVC, SNAP Cash, Credit, Debit
Provides: WIC & EBT Matching Dollars
Vibe: Small town country market feel with music and completely shaded. This market is great for a quick trip on Saturday morning. It’s compact and full of personality and friendly faces.
Highlights: Friendly volunteers, free samples, and music every weekend! You can find sweet treats, syrup, crafts, several highquality fruit and vegetable vendors, juice, jam, and crepes.
Location & parking: Redland road just before Muncaster Mill Road. Ample parking, signage, and volunteers directing traffic.
Dog friendly: Service dogs only.

Dogfish Head Ale House

Dogfish Head Alehouse Pumpkin Beer release.

(Note: Dogfish Head Alehouse discontinued their famers market after 2019)

Address: 800 West Diamond Avenue Gaithersburg, MD 
Saturdays @ 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM from May 11 through October 26
Vibe: This is MoCo’s newest market you can have a beer brought to you while you walk around followed by lunch at the Dogfish Head Alehouse restaurant. There is live music every week and vendors with crafts, snacks, and special events. It’s the only market that matches their beer selection to the crops from market season.
Highlights: Churros, elote, honey, cut mango tie dye shirts, jewelry, flowers, soaps, honey, empanadas, and pies.
Location & parking: Parking is available near the Dogfish Head Ale House parking lot
Dog friendly: Yes.

Main Street Farmers & Artists Market @ The Kentlands

Kentlands Main Street Market Pavillion.

Address: The Kentlands Main St. Pavilion 301 Main St. Gaithersburg, MD 20878
Saturdays @ 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM year round
Accepts: FMNP & FVC at Market SNAP at select vendors
Vibe: Family and dog friendly with equal number of craft and food vendors. Get all your farmers market shopping done along with your errands all in one place. Easy to visit on a Saturday while shopping for other items in the Kentlands plaza.
Highlights: Local craft artisans, gourmet bread, sweet treats, and a park-like scenic setting with vendors in the Pavillion.
Location & Parking Info: Off the beaten path it might take you a bit of circling to find it. Parking is available on the side streets or in the parking lot across the street behind the shops.
Dog friendly: Yes.

Montgomery Village Farmers Market

Peaches at Montgomery Village Farmers Market

Address: Christ the Servant Lutheran Church Parking Lot 9801 Centerway Rd. Montgomery Village 20886
Saturdays @ 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM from June 1 through October 26
Accepts: FMNP & FVC at Market
Vibe: Medium sized market with all the basics, fruit, bread, crepes, wine, and coffee. You won’t find crafts here but you will find coffee, wine, and spirits.
Highlights: Crepes, coffee, wine, and churros are a staples at this market. Don’t miss the quality jam and fresh bottled juice selection.
Location & Parking Info: The location is just off the main street in Montgomery Village – Montgomery Village Avenue at Centerway and has ample parking in the church parking lot.
Dog friendly: Service dogs only.

Pike Central Farm Market @ Pike & Rose

Pikes Central farmers market.

Address: REI Rockville Parking Lot 910 Rose Avenue North Bethesda, MD 20852 
Saturdays @ 9:00 AM – 1:30 PM from April through November
Accepts: FMNP & FVC at Market
Vibe: A very community-oriented market with lots of vendors including fresh juice, cheese, gourmet meats, and even dog treats. The market partners with local nonprofits to raise awareness about various ways you can donate your time and money to the community.
Highlights: Three vegetable and fruit vendors from different parts of the region from VA, MD, and PA means that you can maximize the growing season across different regional micro-climates.
Location & Parking Info: The location is just off 355 located in the parking lot of REI in the Pike & Rose complex. Parking is available in the Pike & Rose garages- first 2 hours are free.
Dog friendly: Yes.

Rockville Farmers Market

Rockville Farmers Market

Address: Rockville Town Center Corner of Rt. 28 & Monroe St. Jury Parking Lot Rockville, MD 20850 
Saturdays @ 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM from May 18 through Nov. 23
Accepts: FMNP, SFMNP, FVC, SNAP & WIC at the market
Vibe: The open parking lot can get a bit hot but you can bring your pup and enjoy the variety of vendors. This market doesn’t have a ton of crafts but a good selection of different items from fruits and vegetables to coffee, cheese and meat.
Highlights: Beautiful plants, flowers, and microgreens are available at this market.
Location & Parking Info: This market is hidden in Rockville Town Square with a few options for parking. The parking can be a bit difficult so bring your parking patience and you can always park in the structure across the street. Just be careful when crossing the street.
Pet friendly: Yes.

Sunday Farmers Markets Near Me: 

Clarksburg Farmers Market

Clarksburg farmers market on a clear day.

Address: Now at the Clarksburg Outlets!  22705 Clarksburg Rd, Clarksburg, MD 20841
Sundays @ 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM August 11 through November 18
Accepts: FMNP & FVC at Market
Vibe: This market is family and dog friendly, in an open air area across the parking lot from the outlets. For up-county folks, this market is a great find! Everyone is friendly, welcoming, and excited about the expansion and new location!
Highlights: The variety of new vendors and goods is impressive! Salsa, stained glass, wine and liquor, flowers and succulents, paintings, and much much more. Vendors will rotate each week so come by multiple times for the latest market finds.
Location & Parking Info: visible from the highway exit, lots of parking, be sure to follow the cones and signage.
Pet friendly: Yes.

Olney Farmers Market  

Olney Farmers Market with a cloudy sky.

Address: Medstar Montgomery General Hospital Thrift Shop Grounds Corner of Rt. 108 & Prince Phillip Dr. Olney, MD
Sundays at 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM Year Round
Accepts: FMNP & FVC at Market
Vibe: This is the second biggest market in Maryland and it has a rich history of community wellness. There are regular events including yoga, contests, and demonstrations. The market is located in a huge area just next to the hospital. Lots of vendors that you won’t find at other markets and also a few of your favorites from the Saturday markets around the County.
Highlights: You’ll find something for everyone at this market including bike repair, bonsai trees, pies, maple syrup, hand blown glass, and even Tibetan goods and jewelry.
Location & Parking Info: located close to the 200 toll road this market is accessible if you’re willing to drive. Parking is a premium in the lot next to the market so make sure you watch where you walk and exercise your parking patience.
Pet friendly: No.

WIC & Farmers Market Nutrition Program

Many of the local farmers markets are working with the WIC and Farmers Market Nutrition Programs to make fresh fruits and vegetables available to everyone in the community. At the Rockville Farmers Market, you will even find an information tent that will explain the program to you. For more information on how it works check these websites:

Special Thank You to…

The Maryland Farmers Market Association

On the MD Farmers Market Association website you can find recipes, a calendar of what’s in season this month from Maryland Farms, and information on all the farmers markets across the state of Maryland. Huge thank you to the MD Farmers Market Association for all their hard work to keep communities across the state enjoying community wellness and eating healthy.

Montgomery County Office of Agriculture

We are very fortunate to live in MoCo, MD where fresh food is readily available and small business is supported by the county. If you are looking for a complete listing of the Montgomery County Farmers Markets or you need vendor guidelines, check out their website.

Thanks for a Great Farmers Market Season MoCo!

Cheers thanks for a great season MoCo Farmers Markets
Thank you to everyone at the market who made this 2019 MoCo Farmers Market Roundup possible.

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How to Keep Your Farmers Market Foods Fresh Guide

This MoCo Farmers Market Roundup 2019 is not a sponsored post.  This post is intended as a thank you to all the people who support our community wellness each week at outdoor markets near me in Montgomery County, Maryland. 

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