Music for Wellness

It’s undeniable that music can set your mood. Choosing the right workout tunes is essential to meeting your goals. The wellness lifestyle matches any genre and tempo of music with your activity.

Wellness Grind Workouts on Apple Music & Spotify

Music is essential to a successful indoor cycle or spin workout. Each of the workouts shared on the Wellness Grind are freeware, as is the playlist that accompanies them. If any songs are unavailable in a workout, substitute a song you like from your library.

Here are some tips to following the workouts and downloading the music on each playlist:

Itunes/Apple Music

  • Open Itunes and if you have an Apple Music subscription follow these steps.
  • Click ‘For You’
  • Follow these instructions to start sharing music and search for a friend.
  • In the search tab type ‘WellnessGrind‘ in the search box.
  • Click the ‘follow’ button.
  • Search for the workout name you want to follow. For example ‘Session 1-Class 1: Transitions’ would be listed as ‘1.1 Transitions’.


Wellness Grind is now on Spotify! All playlists will be available soon!

For now check out the current playlists and follow us!