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Germantown, MD Indoor Cycle

Are you a Sunday Funday or Monday Night Madness indoor cycle class regular? Or maybe you are new to Spin and want to check out a class?

If you are near Germantown, MD and are looking for an indoor cycle class stop by ACAC for an indoor cycle ride. Join us any time! $10 drop in fee paid at the front desk.

Welcome to the resource page designed for you!

Sunday Funday

Every Sunday morning @ ACAC Fitness & Wellness Center in Germantown, MD

The Sunday Funday ride is designed to get your Sunday grooving and shaking with a huge 60-minute calorie burn to all the latest music and favorites. Riders are encouraged to take the ride at their own level, joining for a 30 or 45-minute ride is encouraged for new riders.

Arrive by 8:50 am to select your favorite bike or request a bike fit to ensure you ride in comfort.

Upcoming rides:

The Last Sunday Funday Class is March 15th!

3/8- Sub
3/15- Race Day! The Best of Wellness Grind

Sunday Funday class playing Pace-up in January 2019
Sunday Funday class playing Pace-up in January 2019

Monday Night Madness

Every Monday evening @ ACAC Fitness & Wellness Center in Germantown, MD

The Monday Night Madness ride is designed to release the stress of your busy Monday with a quick 45-minute calorie burn to all the latest music and favorites. Each workout is designed to be tailored for your needs, hard for stressful days and relaxing for a quick calorie burn. Take each class at your own pace and of course, beginners are welcome.

Arrive by 6:15 pm to select your favorite bike or request a bike fit to ensure you ride in comfort.

Upcoming Rides:

The Last Monday Night Madness Class is March 16th!

3/3- Funky Shi*
3/9- You’ve Got the Love
3/16- Race Day! The Best of Wellness Grind

Sessions and Weeks

Firstly, I firmly believe it takes about 6 weeks for a new rider to decide if they want to stick with indoor cycling or move on. By then, the seat may hurt your rear less, and the bike is more familiar.

Secondly, I organize my rides into 6 week sessions focused on different types of rides or skills so experienced riders can continue to grow while new riders continue to learn and love indoor cycle. If you are new to my classes this will be a shift for you because every 6 weeks we change up the workouts, music, and fun!

Finally, Race day is the culminating ride in week 6 where the workout incorporates all the prior 5 weeks of work. The prior weeks help you build skills and strength to push yourself every race day to reach maximum performance and skill.


Through our weekly rides, I hope that each rider will build strength, skill, and stamina while reaching your physical wellness and health goals. Developing a common language and base of understanding for the cycle journey we take every week will help you determine when to push harder to reach your goal or take it easy to be kind to your body and participate in necessary recovery.

Keep in mind that growing your capacity to engage in exercise at the appropriate level for your body and health is more important than riding faster or harder than your neighbor in class. Each day is different, each ride is different. Every one of my classes is different. I will ask you to push yourself to the safe edge of your capacity and pull it back to recovery mode in each class.

Do your best to keep yourself safe and have fun!

Rate of Perceived Exertion Visuals

While some studies have found that the Borg or RPE scale has limited reliability to predict actual exertion in a Spin class, it is still the easiest scale to understand when in class and you need a visual of what it feels like to exert yourself at different levels. For this reason I am presenting the information here with a word of caution for novice riders. Please be sure to consult your physician, trainer, and any other health professional before your first ride and be sure to know your physical limits.

Want to learn more about Rate of Perceived Exertion?

  • Do you have a heart rate monitor and want to know your heart rate thresholds for each zone and the RPE scale? Check out this article to calculate your heart rate zones.
  • Check out this easy to understand blog post on the 10 point RPE scale. VeryWellFit.com.
  • Spin.com breaks down VO2Max in this blog post.
  • Still confused about BPM vs. RPM? Check out this blog post for a simple way to understand how they’re related.

Want to learn more about aerobic base building?

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