Indoor Cycle Grind

Get on your indoor cycle grind with these great resources!

Indoor Cycle is a great way to minimize impact while engaging in vigorous cardiovascular exercise. Indoor cycle classes, sometimes referred to as Spin classes, can be taken at many local fitness clubs, boutique studios, or recreational centers.

What’s your preferred ride?

Classes are often unique to instructor and may depend on their certification or the style of the fitness club. Outdoor cycling enthusiasts might prefer classes that focus more on traditional rides focusing on strength, power, endurance, and recovery. Others might find motivation in higher intensity classes that offer different themes or types of rides.

Choose the indoor cycle class that matches your preferred workout intensity, level of fitness, and favorite music genre. Even the level of coaching offered by instructors varies. Try out several classes at different times of day until one fits and feels like a community.

From there, just sit back and enjoy your ride!