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Physical wellness and fitness are complementary and related. Physical wellness is broader than fitness and can include health, fitness, and nutrition. Fitness can refer to physical training, athletic conditioning, activities to improve sports performance, build muscle, speed, stamina, or endurance.

Many people consider their fitness routines the same as their wellness grind. Fitness can be a strong foundation for building a wellness routine. But your wellness routine has to include all the other dimensions to sustain your physical wellness over time.

Health vs. physical fitness

Health can sometimes be reduced to a medical perspective where a lack of disease or injury can define you as a healthy person. However, that doesn’t mean you are achieving a healthy lifestyle, it just means we don’t have to send you to the doctor or hospital today. The Wellness Grind’s perspective on health is more than a lack of a disease or injury. Physical health in this space includes those practices you engage in daily to ensure you will live a long life with minimal trips to the doctor. It also includes a prevention perspective- the things you do to prevent injury or illness are just as important as the things you do to recover from injury or illness.

Physical fitness is an important aspect of living a healthy lifestyle. How you choose to engage in physical fitness is dependent on your body the types of activities you engage in. Everything from gardening to paragliding can be part of a physical fitness routine. No two people will have the exact physiological response to activity. That means it’s hard work to figure out what works for you.

Get inspired to get in the zone

The Wellness Grind is here to help you figure out what is the best way to stay motivated to be both physically healthy and physically fit. Check out the fitness & workouts categories below or head over to the Physical Wellness page to see more inspirational posts.

The Wellness Grind’s workouts, playlists, and inspirational workout stories will help you stay on your grind 365 days a year!

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The Indoor Cycle Grind

Indoor cycling is a great low-impact workout that can be modified to fit the intensity you are comfortable with. Whether you’re an avid indoor cycling fan or someone brand new to cycling, these resources are designed to lift up your love of cycling.

Check out one of the workouts and playlists that you can follow at home or at your gym in between cycling classes. Indoor cycling instructors are welcome to use these workouts as-is or to help you design your own class.

Indoor Cycle Basics

Indoor Cycle Basics

Indoor Cycle Workouts

Indoor Cycle Workouts

Spin Locals

Spin Locals- Germantown, MD's best indoor cycle ride