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Fall Outdoor Yoga

Fall means cooler weather, leaves falling turning colors, and beautiful scenery for outdoor adventures. When you engage in wellness activities outside you connect with earth and the energy from nature.  Fall is perfect for outdoor yoga with your closest friends!

 When the opportunity to plan a wellness event with a local yoga studio and one of my favorite local alehouses came up, I was very excited to collaborate. 

It’s been 2 weeks since the wonderful workout and I’m still excited about how the event turned out. I wish I could do that same flow sequence more often. Luckily, I can.

There are two ways to re-do the workout. First, by taking one of Scott’s (from Clarksburg Yoga & Wellness) classes. Second, is by following the yoga warmup posted below that Scott used as the basis for our hour-long workout . 

Hope you enjoy reading more about the event and leave a comment if you do the workout and love it! 

Community Wellness- Invigorating Fall Outdoor Yoga

Early in the fall season Wellness Grind collaborated to plan a community wellness event at the Dogfish Head Alehouse Gaithersburg Farmers Market with Clarksburg Yoga & Wellness.  

I was so lucky to have such wonderful partners to work with. We co-promoted the event and had about 12 people come out on a chilly morning for a free intro yoga session.  

We were very excited about the turnout. The fact that so many wonderful people of all ages came to the event shows us that we should keep looking for more opportunities to collaborate on wellness events like this. 

Here’s a little more about Yoga at the Farmers Market..

One Chilly Outdoor Fall Morning… We Held a Yoga Event at The Farmers Market

The temperature dipped 30 degrees overnight and I had no idea how many people would show up for yoga outside. The prior weekend had been gorgeous and 70 degrees at 9am.  

The morning of the event it was 49 degrees F at 7 am and I was sure the 90 people who were interested on Facebook… were no longer interested. After debating bringing the event indoors in the bar area at Dogfish Head Alehouse, we collectively decided to move the event to the patio.   

The patio was a nice sunny spot to roll out our mats and start our morning flow with our instructor from Clarksburg Yoga & Wellness- Scott Taylor.  Although the morning air was cool, we quickly warmed up with a vinyasa series that was perfect for beginners and advanced yogis.  

About a dozen committed wellness warriors showed up for the chilly morning yoga session.  Each of them knew that doing yoga that morning would make their day better so they braved the chilly air.  

As we finished our hour-long class, the farmers market was built around us and the sun warmed up the temps. When we were done, everyone scattered to shop at the market for granola, vegetables, crafts, and other food items.  

Yoga + fall weather + shopping at the farmers market is a huge win! On top of that, Dogfish Head Alehouse and other vendors offered specials and coupons. 

When’s the Next Event? 

I sincerely hope that Dogfish Head Alehouse Farmers Market returns for another season in 2020. If so, I anticipate that there will be more opportunities to collaborate on yoga and wellness events.  

The 2019 farmers market season is almost over in Maryland but I’m hopeful that next season will bring more partnerships for community wellness. Keep an eye out for more community wellness events to come!

Throughout the year Clarksburg Yoga & Wellness offers events you can attend in locations throughout Montgomery County, MD. Take advantage of their wonderful events and workshops every season! 

Get Outside for Yoga This Fall Season

If you haven’t made it outdoors for a fall yoga session yet, here are a few reasons why you might want to add “outdoor fall yoga session” to your wellness checklist this season. 

Benefits of Morning Yoga:

  • It warms up your body by stretching essential muscles and ligaments you will need to carry you throughout the day.
  • It can help wake you up and improve your focus.
  • You can use it as an alternative to caffeine in the morning.
  • You can connect with your breath and start your day in a relaxed mindful state.

Fall is the perfect season for outdoor yoga.  The mornings are cool, the afternoons are warm, and the evenings are finally mosquito free. 

That’s the perfect combination of conditions for yoga with the falling leaves.  Unlike summer, you won’t overheat when you’re outside working out. If you are cold you can always wear a hoodie or long leggings

Start of the outdoor yoga session.
Fall outdoor yoga in the brisk morning air.

Yoga Inspiration for Fall

When you get a chance to take a 30-minute break, grab your mat and head outdoors this fall!   You might want to bring a warm blanket, yoga block, yoga strap, and water.

Fall Invigorating Yoga Warm-Up

Scott from Clarksburg Yoga and Wellness offers this warm-up fall yoga flow. This is a very similar sequence to the beginning of the hour class he taught during Yoga at the Farmers Market.

This series of poses was great to wake up the body, stretch out the legs, back, and glutes. Which are always my sore spots when I wake up.

I recommend taking out your yoga mat and enjoying a fall morning with this flow series outside. It includes the perfect series of poses to start your day relaxed and rejuvenated.  

Thanks to Scott for sharing this wonderful fall yoga flow at the community wellness event and allowing me to share this workout here as well.  

Fall Yoga Flow

Yoga Flow Workout for Warmup
This warmup sequence will help you relax and revive.

For More Information on these Poses- See these Articles:

Information about the poses in this workout can be found in many places, here are a few resources to help you in case you are unfamiliar with any of these poses. 

30-day Self-Care Challenge

Stay inspired on your wellness journey throughout the fall with this 30-day Self Care Challenge. Sign up for the Wellness Vibes Newsletter to get the Fall Feels Self Care Challenge today! Once you confirm your subscription you will get the link for the freebie! 

Here are a few tips to help you with the 30-day Fall Feels Self Care Challenge: 

  • All your favorite fall activities are included plus some wonderful smelling fall essential oil blends to diffuse. 
  • This 30-day self-care challenge includes two sessions of outdoor yoga for you to add to your wellness routine.  You can use Scott’s workout above or you can take a class on YouTube. 
  • You can prepare a healthy recipe for one of the fall recipes highlighted in the challenge.  Try these two fantastic immunity boosting recipes as part of your challenge: Chicken and Wild Rice Soup or Immunity Boosting Tea.  
  • If you’re looking for a short meditation, try the Simply Being app for short guided meditations or relaxing sounds for self-guided meditation. 
Fall Self Care Challenge Freebie - Sign up for the wellness vibes newsletter.
Sign Up For A Freebie!

Share your fall favorites, your favorite yoga flow, or your favorite part of the 30 day self care challenge in the comments below!  Can’t wait to hear about your fall inspiration! 

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