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Welcome to the Wellness Grind
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Welcome to the Wellness Grind- 7 Ways to Stay on Your Wellness Grind Every Day

Welcome to the wellness grind, your online wellness community. Check out these seven ways to combine your wellness activities to keep you on your grind. Read More

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Not Your Fault – The Ancestors Guide to the Top Things to do on a Short Trip to Madrid and Toledo

Interested in visiting Madrid and Toledo Spain for a short trip? This post will give you all the details on how to see the top attractions in 3-4 days. Read More

Palacio Real at sunset
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Session 2: Class 2: Not Your Fault Workout

This indoor cycle workout is designed to improve strength and stamina through repeating sets of flying 40 and hill charges. Read More

Monika looking at Fungus Rock in Gozo.
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Session 2- Class 1: Sail Away

In this indoor cycle class riders will build endurance while focusing on speed and hill drills while focusing on proper form. Read More

Wendie and Asha hiking
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Session 1: Class 6: Bae Workout

In this indoor cycle workout, riders focus on developing the most efficient form to get comfortable with the bike and hand positions. Read More

Wendie Asha Santa 2018
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Session 1: Class 5: I’m O.K. Workout

I’m O.K. Indoor Cycle Workout Class purpose: Drills to get comfortable with the bike and hand positions and work on speed. Riders should be reminded to drop shoulder ... Read More

Tanvi and Saahil dancing with green lights
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Session 1: Class 4: Fuego con Amor

The Fuego con Amor workout focuses on completing drills to practice form, hand positions, and increasing levels of power. Read More

Mentee Mallory in New Orleans at City Park 2012
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Session 1 Class 3: Lost Workout

The third skill-building workout focusing on developing the proper form in 2nd and 3rd position while adding power (cadence + resistance). Read More

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Session 1 Class 2- Fuego Workout

Session 1 focuses on helping new and experienced riders build basic skills at indoor cycling. Class 2 is designed to create fire and build endurance and speed. Read More