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Hi, I’m Wendie!

I’m a public health advocate, national leader in mental health promotion and a Level 2 Spin Power Certified indoor cycle instructor teaching in Germantown, MD and a Reiki practitioner.

I’m currently exploring my personal wellness and hope to inspire wide-scale wellness practices through social change, health promotion, violence prevention, fitness and education.

Financial Wellness Week
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Financial Wellness Week: Top 3 Myths About Financial Wellness Busted

Myths and misconceptions about personal finance may be holding you back. Learn how you can bust these myths and feel better about your finances. Read More

Get Your Freebie Self-Care Challenge with an invigorating Fall Yoga Workout!
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Invigorating Fall Yoga Flow

Fall is the perfect season for outdoor yoga. This yoga flow sequence is great for a fall outdoor yoga workout. Read More

Beginning Middle & End workout
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Session 3: Class 3: Beginning, Middle, & End

Indoor cycle workout to help riders continue working with power thresholds, build muscle memory, and determine what the body feels like while working at different RPE thre ... Read More

Different managing change featured image
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Different- Change Management Strategies to Support Your Well-Being

Managing change during difficult situations can be difficult. These 8 tips will help you overcome many challenges that life will throw at you. Read More